Our most frequently asked questions

What can I expect in the first assessment, and the follow-up treatments?

Physiotherapists must be fully aware of all aspects that may be playing a role in an individual’s presentation. To do so, we start the assessment with a detailed verbal examination. We follow this with a thorough examination of all of the areas of the body possibly playing a role in the presentation.

Depending on the complexity of your presentation, we may begin treatment at this session.  This may be as simple as regional stretches, educating you on strategies to avoid strain, or manual therapy to address a restriction in joint mechanics. You will leave this first session aware of the cause of your pain, how to address it from an early stage, expectation for recovery, and recommendations for follow-up sessions.

During follow up sessions, your physiotherapist will review and progress your home program as deemed appropriate. Your physiotherapist may use manual therapy techniques to supplement your home program if indicated. When you are able to independently manage your condition, or your symptoms have resolved, your physiotherapist will discharge the file and communicate with your physician as directed.

What do I wear to the assessment and treatments?

Physiotherapists need to examine areas of the body influencing your regions of concern. If you are experiencing an upper extremity problem, be prepared to expose the entire arm. We would recommend a tank top. If the concern is your neck, wear a top that allows exposure of the neck region. For lower back, pelvis/hip, and lower extremities, please wear a pair of shorts.  We can provide shorts at the clinic if necessary.

Do I need a doctor’s referral? 

No. Clients seeking care in Saskatchewan do not require a physician’s referral to attend physiotherapy.  We are aware that this role places an extreme importance on the assessment and we are prepared to refer clients back to their physician if we are concerned about aspects of your presentation through the examination.

A significant ratio of clients that we assess have simple orthopedic concerns, but we do refer many clients back to their physicians for diagnostics, consideration of medications, specialist referral, or for their opinion as to direction in a complex case.

Will you contact my physician?

Unless you direct us not to do so, we will contact your physician upon discharging your file if your physician has referred you to Smithwick’s Physiotherapy. 

In cases involving motor vehicle accident (SGI) or work related injuries (Sask. WCB), our policy is to send all copies of reports sent to these insurers to your physician as well. We will not share any information with any other party (an employer) without written consent from you.

If I’ve been referred to another clinic, can I attend Smithwick’s Physiotherapy?

Yes. If you wish to attend Smithwick’s Physiotherapy we will accept referrals you received for any clinic.  You are the director of your care and if your physician directs you to a physiotherapist you can attend any clinic. Please note that Saskatchewan physiotherapists are legislated to assess and treat with direct access to private clinics without physician referral.

Does Smithwick's Physiotherapy have Saskatoon Health Region Funding?

Not any more. As of March 1st, 2017 Smithwick's Physiotherapy is no longer assessing patients under funding from the Saskatchewan Health Region.

Does Smithwick’s Physiotherapy assess and treat motor vehicle (SGI) and work injuries (Saskatchewan Worker’s Compensation Board)?

Yes. Smithwick’s Physiotherapy is accredited to assess and treat primary WCB clients, and primary/secondary SGI clients with a physician’s referral. We assess and treat a high volume of these referrals annually, so we are aware and compliant with their policies.

Does Smithwick’s Physiotherapy bill insurance companies directly?

Smithwick’s Physiotherapy is accredited to provide primary services to Sask. WCB clients, and primary/secondary services to SGI clients, and bills these insurers directly.

Third party insurance plans vary in their application of benefits.  If an insurer allows direct billing from our clinic, then our support staff will seek approval and bill prior to the appointment. When the insurance company does not allow us to bill directly, Smithwick’s Physiotherapy will bill the client and provide a dated receipt for reimbursement by your insurer. Please contact our office for more information about your insurer’s procedures